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The Russian Theatre of Estonia gives you a possibility to watch our performances with a simultaneous translation into English. Now we have chosen two significant works of the theatre to be translated. Audiences all over the world are attracted by Russian classics directed for stage by masters of Russian theatrical tradition. So we are offering you Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” – the performance staged by the artistic director of the theatre Igor Lysov. Translated into English it can be seen on  March  2017.



Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Adapted for the stage and directed by Igor Lysov

Art director Isabella Kozinskaya

Lighting artist Anton Andreyuk

Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment” is the world literature’s top-ranking detective and psychological novel.

What is the man inside himself? How do conscience, a deed, self-consciousness appear inside a human being?

Igor Lysov goes on with the theme he started in “A Night For Eve” – a performance undoubtedly approved by the audience.

The performance is a detective story, a dispute, a thriller.

Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s great paradox is that he considered himself an exclusively Russian writer, yet he turned out to be one of the most significant story-tellers for the whole world. All over the world he not only has readers and spectators, but also followers who use his method for studying sick souls, souls having a cold.  

Every time, every literary, theatrical and then cinema epoch find something in Dostoyevsky’s works, something that helps to understand what is going on, to understand the present day. This is the thing happening with works of a genius.

Igor Lysov’s staging of „Crime and Punishment“ should be called „Trespassing and Punishment“ because the director, who has been  profoundly studying Dostoyevsky for a long time, speaks from the stage about how man should definitely step over some border to achieve his aims. It could be stepping over another man, stepping over oneself or looking for ways and means of such stepping over, imitating the others.

If we look around we will sadly appreciate —  that is the way the modern world is organized…

The performance stars Jaanika Arum, Sergei Cherkasov, Viktor Marvin, Natalya Murina, Yelena Tarasenko, Dmitry Kosyakov, Aleksander Okunev, Yelena Yakovleva, Lilia Shinkaryova.

Premieres on January 20, 2017

One of the most popular performances of our theatre is Vladimir Zaikin’s romantic comedy “Top Floor”, directed by the playwright himself. Love stories never leave anyone indifferent. “Top Floor” with the simultaneous translation into English can be seen on January 22, February 25, March 30 and April 30 2017.



A drama. A melodrama. A comedy. A farce.

HE and SHE. A love story.


A well-known Russian scriptwriter and director (wrote around fifty film scripts, directed about thirty films for TV and cinema, Aleksei German Sr’s student, winner of multiple awards) Vladimir Zaikin has staged his own play dedicated to the most popular and the most in-demand theme in all time and among all strata of population. „You can endlessly observe the ups and downs in the relationship of a loving couple on a condition that they have outstanding personalities enable to enrich each other with new meanings. The future performance is about the following: A Person saves Another Person from itself, from fear of life, from panic, from deep crisis, from loneliness. The price of such saving is losing one’s habitual „comfort zone““ – the playwright and the director commented.

Fates brings together two people on a stair landing in a skyscraper in the center of a big city. The people are a famous lawyer Roman (the role is played by our theatre’s one of the most popular actors Aleksander Ivashkevich) and a beginning actress Viktoria (she is played by Elina Purde, who definitely attracted the attention of cinema viewers in the recent Stanislav Govorukhin’s film „The End of a Belle Époque“, yet that is just one of many roles played by a popular Estonian theatre actress).

“Before moving into a recently bought apartment”, Vladimir Zaikin tells us, “Roman is going to organize a general refurbishment, which irritates his new neighbor a lot. Once the girl can’t stand “the ongoing construction cannonade” and goes to pay her neighbor a visit of a scandal…”

“That is how they meet, and after that the events take an unpredictable twist. Every time they meet Viktoria acts out an entirely different role to Roman. Every next role of hers defies the previous one. Roman hardly manages to readjust so their relationship is more like every day changing opinions of each other…”

Art director – Ellen Hasselbach

Musical design – Aleksander Zhedelyov

Lighting artist – Anton Andreyuk

Choreography by Renee Nõmmik and Tiina Olesk (Dancing Theatre Fine 5)

Starring: Elina Purde and Aleksander Ivashkevich. Co-starring: Yekaterina Kordas, Dmitry Kordas, Aleksander Zhilenko and Roman Burkovski.

Premiered on November 4, 2016



Not only is the Russian theatre, which is located on Tallinn’s central square, considered the most beautiful theatrical building in Scandinavia, but it is also a keeper of a Russian theatrical tradition in Estonia in its full rights.

The Russian Theatre of Estonia is the only professional theatre in the country working in Russian language. History of any theatre means the history of its performances. The history or the Russian theatre begins on December 15, 1948. It was on that day when the first performance was given, called “The Pilots’ Family” by V. Suponev. The troupe of a new theatre was then made up from graduates of the National Institution for the Theatrical Art (GITIS), professor V.Belokurov’s course. From 1948 to 2005 the theatre was called the National Russian Theatre and in the year 2005 in was renamed as The Russian Theatre of Estonia.

During its more than half-a-century-long history the theatre has staged over 500 performances. Performances have premiered in lots of towns all over the former Soviet Union. Recently the theatre has toured Moscow, St.Petersburg, Riga, Vilnius, Novgorod, has taken parts in numerous theatre festivals. Such well-known directors has been staging in the Russian theatre of Estonia as Andrei Tarkovsky, Roman Viktyuk, Yuri Yeryomin, Yuri Sillart, Kalju Komissarov, Voldemar Panso. Well-known actors, such as Oleg Strizhenov, Anatoly Solonitsyn, Ada Rogovtseva etc. has been acting on the theatre’s stage.

Welcome to the world of the Russian theatre of Estonia!



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The Russian theatre of Estonia enables to see most of its performances simultaneously translated into Estonian and English languages. While buying a ticket, pay attention – not all the dates are provided with translation.


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